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CNC Machining

Custom Fixture for Precise MachiningCustom Fixture for Precise Machining
Progressive DieProgressive Die
Progressive Die HorizontalProgressive Die Horizontal

Our unique custom tooling helps control costs by utilizing short run tooling methods.

Innovative Methods

Serra Manufacturing has invested in 6 CNC machines and utilizes the Kaizen philosophy to offer unique production line methods, which allow each toolmaker to act as an expert of their own operation. Consequently, our toolmakers increase their productivity and accuracy on the tools produced. We are able to reach tight tolerances using these computer assisted equipment and apply all of our metal working capabilities to produce custom made products.

Advantages of Serra Manufacturing CNC Machines

CNC Milling has a number of advantages over other manufacturing processes that make it a favorable choice for many applications. Aside from being efficient in terms of both time and money it is very flexible in terms of production. We have the ability to handle complicated shapes in many materials with consistent quality. In addition, the ability to produce with smooth finishes and high detail makes this manufacturing process all the more appealing for a variety of demands.

There are many advantages to using CNC Turning & CNC Lathe machining as opposed to other manufacturing processes that make it a good choice for a variety of different applications. As with other CNC Machining processes, CNC Turning is capable of high consistency, detail and efficiency. In addition to this, CNC Turning has the added benefits of exceptional symmetry. Thus, making it a logical choice for applications that require a high degree of evenness.


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CNC Machining Capabilities:

X Axis Travel 

 Y Axis Travel

Z Axis Travel

Spindle Nose To Table (Min-Max)

 Table Length

Table Width

T-Slot Width

T-Slot Center Distance

Number Of Std T-Slots

Max Weight On Table (Evenly Distributed)

Spindle Max Rating

Spindle Max Speed

Spindle Max Torque

Drive System


Rapids On X

Rapids On Y

Rapids On Z

Max Cutting

Max Thrust X

Max Thrust Y

Max Thrust Z




4" - 24"





7 in Y, 3 in X

3000 lb

30 hp

12000 rpm

90 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm

Inline Directive-Drive

CT or BT 40

710 in/min

710 in/min

710 in/min

500 in/min

3400 lb

3400 lb

5600 lb

762 mm

508 mm

508 mm

102 mm - 610 mm